Click here for natural foods that help heal and sustain the parts of the body indicated above.  Learn of 52 Plants in the wild you can eat.  View the Map of Herbal Cures.


Sunshine/Diet/Water/Exercise/Fresh Air/Rest are the 6 cornerstones of health.


A diet that is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic will maintain a healthy body.

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Learn what your poop might be telling you about your body & lifestyle.  Learn what your farts indicate about your overall health.


Learn what the color of your urine says about you.


Learn the physical signs of nutritional deficiencies.


When acne appears on these parts of your face, these are the organs of your body that may be experiencing weakness or toxicity.  Click here for natural foods that heal the organs mentioned in the graph above.


Learn about the science of Rest.

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When these foods are eaten together they produce health benefits that would not otherwise occur.


Understand the details of how sitting too long can be harmful to the body.


The Dirty Dozens List are the fruits and vegetables which contain the most pesticide residue and should only be bought organic.  GMO crops means Genetically Modified Organisms which is completely different from Traditional/Selective Breeding.  GMOs are created by mixing the genes of organisms from different kingdoms for example grabbing the genes of an insect and mixing them with the cells of a plant and then cloning those plants which contain insect genes.  This process changes the DNA of the plant and produces a higher number of mutations than that which occurs through sexual reproduction.  This process also turns on certain genes which are normally silent.  Certain proteins are also turned on and off or their shapes are changed and this is often known to have deadly effects.  Long term effects of GMOs are unknown because they have not been tested on humans for the duration of a typical lifespan.  The current generation are the guinea pigs which will determine their long term effects.  If you wish to avoid GMOs, do not buy products which contain the ingredients mentioned in the info-graph above.

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Don’t be fooled by food marketing.  Above are the translations of common food marketing.


Learn more about why these ingredients are used in packaged food and why we should avoid The Scary Seven.


Organic foods contain more minerals than conventionally grown foods.  Learn how a 30 Year Trial found organic farming outperforms conventional agriculture.  This study shows how not eating conventionally grown foods and switching to organic virtually took away all traces of pesticides found in the body.

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These chemicals are unhealthy for the body and alternatives should be used instead.  Learn how to minimize or avoid the chemicals above.  Learn why heating your food with a microwave might be a bad idea.


These are the 7 most prescribed drugs in the world and their natural counterparts.


Use graph above to understand what your body is telling you when you have certain food cravings.


Click here for 20 strange facts about your body you’ve never heard before.

Click here to learn how long drugs stay in your system.

How to store your produce.

What is your tongue telling you about your health.